Water Damage Restoration And Mold Remediation St. Petersburg, Florida

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Water Damage Restoration in St. Petersburg

Damage caused by flooding or leaking pipes can become a problem in your household. Depending on the severity of the problem, you have to do water damage restoration in St. Petersburg, FL, to prevent further damage from happening on your property.

Severe weather conditions can get rainwater inside our house. No matter how secure the roofs or windows are, strong wind and massive rainfall can find their way inside our homes - leading to wet surfaces, basement flooding, and even damaging the fixtures inside. Also, after a fire incident, massive quantities of water will need water extraction as well as part of the fire damage restoration.

There is also the problem with pipes or plumbing systems that have leaks. Leaking or bursting pipes is a common scenario due to unregulated water pressure or extreme temperature changes. Clogged drains and dishwasher leakage can also be another cause of water damage. Even appliances - such as HVAC or refrigeration units - can be a cause of leaking water into your house.

The good news is you don't have to worry since you can easily call on a contractor to do water damage repair. With water damage restoration, your property can be restored via water extraction, flood damage cleanup, and water damage repair activities from the contractor.

If you are in St. Petersburg, FL and in need of cleaning services, Classic Restoration is the cleanup crew you can trust! We're experts in water storage and mold removal, and we're here to help you get your life back to normal. Contact us now at (727) 400-4720 for a free consultation!

Water damage restoration st. petersburg
Water damage restoration st. petersburg

What is a Water Damage Restoration Service?


The service involves any activities to restore a property after suffering damages due to leaking water or wet surfaces. Generally, the goal is to remove all the unwanted water and make sure that the space is dry enough.

A water damage restoration service will include water extraction from affected areas inside your house. All the wet furniture and other items will be removed to have enough space for the restoration activity. In some situations, the walls, cabinets, or ceilings may need to be removed as well to get rid of the water collected inside them.

Molds can grow due to the accumulation of water in a confined space. This is common in areas that are usually covered, such as ceilings or cabinets. Molds are one of the common problems associated with water damage. However, molds can be removed professionally, especially if they're still in a small quantity. A water damage restoration service that includes mold remediation is a better option. The contractor will spot-check any signs of mold growth to ensure that your house will be restored properly after suffering extensive water damage.

What to Know About Water Damage Restoration in St. Petersburg


Water damage can happen in any city or community brought about by natural causes, such as flooding or any other reasons. Homes and buildings in St. Petersburg, FL, are no exception to this. Extreme weather conditions can cause water damage. Left unsolved, the water deposited can turn into molds. This worsens the water damage further.

That's why you need to hire a contractor to do water damage repair after a flooding, leaking, or similar incident. There are situations where you may not notice any wet areas until a contractor comes in and spots the water or mold damage. If you're looking for water damage restoration in St. Petersburg, choose the one that can also do mold remediation. Molds are very common after water damage, so it's better to have them checked and removed for you to have peace of mind.

The damage caused by water leaks can even cause further damage to the contents inside your property or even basement flooding. Depending on the water content, you may also need to do some cleaning. However, you can't just simply clean them as you need to ensure that it's dry enough with all the water removed already. There is a proper process regarding the removal of wet contents inside the water-damaged area. The subsequent flood damage cleanup activity will also require a proper method to ensure that the wet furniture, appliances, and other fixtures are segregated. A dependable water damage restoration contractor will ensure to take good care of the water-damaged content inside your house as well.

Water damage restoration st. petersburg
Water damage restoration st. petersburg

Looking for Water Damage Restoration Contractors?

Water Damage Restoration Companies Near Me

It's important to look for a water damage restoration in St. Petersburg that provides quality service. You don't want to risk doing back jobs and other additional repairs. The water damage restoration activity has to be done by skilled and expert professionals who know what they're doing.

They must have extensive experience in water damage repair and restoration. Take note that not every job is the same. Each water damage or wet surface has different cleaning requirements. The process will also depend on the wreckage of your furniture, items, and other contents inside your house. Another concern would be the difficulty of flood damage cleanup or water extraction.

A reliable water damage restoration contractor must know the workaround to ensure an efficient and clean restoration job. Ideally, your property has to be restored to its original condition. Some contractors even go as far as ensuring that the previously damaged and wet areas in your property will not be prone to leakage or water damage anymore. Ask how capable the water removal company is when it comes to providing its services.

Classic Restoration is one of the contractors you can rely on when it comes to emergency water damage restoration. With certified water damage technicians ready to take on the restoration job, you can be sure to have your property cleaned up and dried. We provide affordable water damage restoration and insurance claims assistance for a hassle-free service.

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Mike was amazing! He and his staff were responsive and very kind during a very difficult home damage crisis for my Family. He was extremely knowledgeable and gave great advice for our situation. We are so pleased with the whole job from start to finish and highly recommend Mike and his company!
John S.• Customer
After we discovered that our hot water heater had leaked, Mike came right over to assess the damage and set up fans and dehumidifiers. He was knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional.
Paula Prentiss • Customer
Mike Miller came over to assess a moisture issue we have with our slab foundation. Our engineered hardwood floors were installled directly on the slab and there is so much moisture in three areas that the floor is literally rotting.
Kerry Tracy • Customer
Mike was very helpful and provided honest and free advice identifying my issue was related to ventilation.
Mike Liberatore • Customer
Mike from Classic Restoration worked diligently to get our concerns addressed. He delivered on all his promises. Thank you for such great service!
Mike Hibbert • Customer
"I had a flooding issue in my basement, and Classic Restoration came to my rescue. Their team responded quickly and efficiently, and within hours, my basement was dry and clean. I highly recommend them for any water damage restoration needs."
Mike Hibbert • Customer
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