Water Damage Repair and Restoration

It seems like it should easy. Mop up the mess, replace some flooring and drywall, apply paint, all done. Right? Wrong. Water damage which isn't 100 percent cleaned and repaired, can result in the insidious spread of mold and mildew, which will not only eat away at the structure of your home or commercial business space, but can also lead to serious respiratory health problems – not to mention some really bad smells.

The repair and restoration of water damage, often invisible water damage, must be done right – 100 percent done right. 

If your home or business was impacted by water damage, due to flood or burst pipes, for instance, don’t delay repairs or cut corners relying on less than expert contractors.  Left for too long or not repaired properly, toxic moisture can seep further into walls, floors and furniture. That inevitably leads to rot, decay, mold and potentially unhealthy airborne sanitary conditions.

Water damage, if not cleaned and repaired in total, may not only result in dangerous levels of mold, structural safety, too, may be compromised. The longer you wait the worse the damage will be. And that means more expense and more time to get your home, business and life back to normal.

We can help. Classic Restoration & Reconstruction is equipped with the latest technology, including indiustrial fans, dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, wood floor drying units, wall cavity drying units, HEPA air cleaners and TES drying systems.We will expertly dry out and protect your property and furnishings. Our services include: restoration of water damage restoration of water damage

  • Water extraction;
  • Pump outs;
  • Structural drying;
  • Dehumidification;
  • Mold elimination;
  • Sewage spill recovery and sanitation;
  • Offsite furniture cleaning and sanitation;
  • Drying storage facility rental;
  • General preemptive water damage consultation.

We can also help facilitate and expedite the insurance claim process.


Classic Restoration and Reconstruction, a building, construction and bio-hazard removal contractor fully licensed, insured and bonded within the state of Florida, primarily services the Florida cities of Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey, Clearwater, Port Richey, Holiday, Odessa, Oldsmar and Hudson.

Classic Restoration and Reconstruction is a private business owned and operated by Florida native, Michael Huss. Learn more about us.

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