End Mold Before it Can End You: A Guide to Mold Remediation


Mold Remediation

Mold is a familiar growth in many homes. Besides being very unsightly, it darkens the bathroom corners, stains walls, and grows between tiles. Some types of mold also cause respiratory conditions, which affect human health. If you allow mold to accumulate in your house, it might be hard to remove. As such, mold remediation enables homeowners to stay safe and free from mold spores. The process aims to identify large-scale mold and eradicate or encapsulate it.

If the mold infestation is minimal, you can handle the process yourself. However, consider sourcing the services of professionals for large-scale growths like the professionals at Classic Restoration. Regardless, it would help if you were privy to the process of mold remediation. Below are the necessary steps of mold cleanup that effectively eliminates mold at your home. 

1. Identify the Mold

All areas with frequent water can develop mold. The best remedy is eliminating them before accumulating into big chunks. As mentioned, mold is harmful to your health and becomes hard to remove or clean when they accumulate. Fortunately, black mold is not permanent and can be remediated, however, you should first note their presence.

That said, you can identify the presence of mold if there are small black spots that grow into large colonies on the walls. A confirmatory test is by using bleach. Drop some drops of bleach on the surface. If they disappear, that is mildew. Once identified, the next step is gearing up for removal.

2. Gear Up and Observe Safety Measures

Some breeds of mold are dangerous, and you should protect yourself from its harmful effects. Wearing a thin facial mask might not be of help. Put on clothes that you can wash immediately or dispose of them after use. Since mold odor can be strong, especially for thick and clustered mold, you should have a heavy mask.

Mold can also stick to the clothes and spread to other garments if washed together. This is why it is advisable to dispose of your protective clothing after use. You should also have gloves and goggles to protect the eye from emanating particles.

The spores can also spread through the air. As such, you should make sure that the room is well ventilated when cleaning. For better ventilation, don’t use fans, as the spores can stick on its blades. Similarly, turn off your air conditioner and furnace to avoid spreading spores all over the room.

3. Get the Right Cleaning Products

As mentioned, you can clean mold with basic supermarket detergents. Contrary to popular belief, bleach is not an effective mold-cleaning product. Bleach is additionally a potent chemical that can harm your health. Bleach only changes the color of mold from black to white/grey, and there is a possibility of recurrence after some weeks.

Borax is a standard remediation product that most experts recommend. This white powder can be purchased from groceries in the laundry section. To clean with borax, mix the detergent with a gallon of hot water. You should then apply the mixture to the area affected and scrub using a brush until the mold disappears. After cleaning, you shouldn’t rinse off the borax, as it will prevent it from reappearing.

Other safe and effective natural products include baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, and vinegar.

4. Dry the Surface

The last and vital step of mold remediation is drying the surface. This is important as leaving the area moist can encourage regrowth. Speed up the drying rate by ensuring that the area is ventilated. Open both doors and windows and run a dehumidifier to dry the surface effectively.

The Bottom Line

Mold is an unsightly growth that poses serious health problems if it grows on surfaces in your home. Thankfully, you can eliminate mold with ease using several products. Of most importance is choosing the right mold cleaner, keeping safe, and addressing cross-contamination. With all this newfound knowledge, you should be better prepared to tackle your mold problem; however, if the project at hand poses as a serious undertaking then perhaps you should leave it to the professionals at Classic Restoration located in Palm Harbor, Fl. Their years of experience is demonstrated in every restoration project they attend to. Have ease of mind when dealing with Classic Restoration. For more info, they can be found at https://classictampabay.com/.