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Mold Removal Cost – Facts and Figures

Fact, be known – among the several 10000 species of molds in this world, more than 500 species are harmful and cause illnesses aplenty. Several of these molds lie scattered throughout our homes and offices. And if you have been wondering how they made their way to these places. It’s because of the filters of modern air conditioning systems. Naturally, it becomes difficult for the majority of the human population to prevent its arrival, since the air systems rarely have mold blockages. The only way to get rid of this issue is mold remediation or mold removal. But you need to have a thorough idea of how much mold removal cost. Once you’re sure of this and the budget suits you, it’s wise to proceed.

Factors that Affect Mold Removal Cost

Even before professionals can arrive with the technical know-how and expertise to handle mold infestation effectively, regardless of residential and commercial properties, a few facts homeowners must know. Mold removals cost can be affected by:

  • Cause of mold

The very reason for mold development is a vital cost factor. For example, if the cause of the mold is due to floods owing to a contaminated septic tank failure, then the cost will naturally spike up, owing to testing, cleaning, and treatment.

  • Location of mold

Mold growths are precipitated largely due to high humidity and moisture presence. If the area where the mold has affected is difficult to reach or the finishes of any area get affected by mold, then expenses treble up! The repair costs are more than what you would even estimate.

  • Size of the affected area

The greater the size of the mold-infested zone, the more the cost of mold removal. Typically, any area that is more than 10 square feet, where the mold has affected, will certainly require thorough cleaning and removal.

  • Scope of the damage

How much the mold has already damaged a certain area affects the pricing factor as well. So if the mold issue can be done away with, using any application or some special cleaning method, the costs will come down. But, insulation, drywall, and studs to carpets, furniture, or even floorboards that have been damaged beyond the point of the repair require immediate cleaning and mold remediation process.

  • Mold remediation method

Over time, mold remediation price has increased, and that’s natural. Several mold removal procedures get utilized at the time of remediation. Since each mold job is exclusive, there are distinct combinations of methods that can be done in isolation or even combined, as and when required. For example, chemical washing, media blasting, anti-microbial applications, physical removal, and even sealant or encapsulant applications, work wonders.

How does Mold Removal Cost Vary as Per the Area?

Mold remediation prices can be expensive, to put it straight. It largely depends on the building and the very area where the mold has damaged it completely. The type of mold also determines the cost of the remediation for an entire home or office setup. So, if you see it’s a black mold case, the pricing will naturally be way higher than the green mold counterpart.

  • HVAC System Mold Remediation Cost

If you wish to know how much it cost to remove mold from air duct systems, it is around $1000-$2000. Sometimes it can even go to $8000, but that’s largely based upon the severity of the issue. If you wish to prevent further problems, check to see that the AC filter is clean and replaced timely.

  • Attic Mold Remediation Cost

This is a real challenge because the difficulty in reaching and cleaning the area is more than in many other places. Ideally, the cost varies anywhere from $1000 to $3000 and that’s also depending upon how much area must be remediated.

  • Concrete

Contrary to what most people think, mold remediation for concrete walls is a tad difficult. Firstly, there’s no such thing as complete removal, and second, the costs usually rise by $50 per square foot. The mold removal cost per square foot will increase, thereafter.


No matter how difficult or expensive the entire aspect of mold remediation might seem to be, the effort is worth every penny. So assess the mold remediation cost at the start and work accordingly.

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