Can a House Fire Cause Water Damage?


Water Damage from a House Fire? Find Out How

When a fire breaks out in your house, thousands of gallons of water are used to put out the fire. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how small or big the fire is; the firefighters will respond to the emergency, and their fire weapon will be water. Do you know how much that water damage can cost?

If you are not aware, this is the right place for you. The water can create a lot of damage that homeowners or companies should address immediately.

Yes, water damage from a house fire is real. When putting out the fire, the water gets to your furniture, floorboards, and several other parts of your house. Typically, it damages the entire property. In this case, there is a possibility of mold growth, which creates more harm.

The mold flourishes and starts growing within 24 hours. This is whereby the furniture and floorboards are eaten away, thus weakening your property’s structure and worsening your damages.

Here are a few damages from a house fire.


After a fire is put out by the water, cleaning your house, home or office is extremely vital. Many items are ruined; the best course of action is to take those things away to disinfect and clean your house instantly.

To avoid any health issues, use disinfectants in areas that have been affected. You might find yourself mopping the same place numerous times, don’t fret; it all depends on the degree of damages.

Mold buildup.

Mold can be a serious threat to your health. A challenge that can be hard to control after a breakout. There are various kinds of mold, some being extremely toxic. However, no mold is safe.

The first step of cleaning is crucial since it deters the mold development on your items. You’ll have to do a thorough inspection in all areas. Ensure that you revisit the most affected areas even after everything is restored for certainty.

Damaged wood.

Furniture and wooden floors have high porosity; therefore, they soak up water very fast and cause damages. Any wood that is seriously damaged and soaked needs to be removed.

Make a point of inspecting the cabinets, floors, and doors for any indications of water damage. Most people are attached to their household and would not love to let go. It’s advisable to dispose of all the seriously damaged items. It is the best option.

Different Health Risks and Toxins.

After a house fire, there are multiple chemicals released. These toxins are produced by various materials burnt during the fire outbreak. They include plastics, fabrics, vinyl, and specific kinds of wood.

These toxins and chemicals are then released into the water leading to fungal growth. It can create skin irritation, breathing, and eye problems. If the cleanup isn’t properly done, lingering elements may lead to more serious diseases or even cancer.

Drywall damage.

The amount of water used to put out the fire matters a lot. In case the fire was big, then more water was used to extinguish it. Therefore, there might be a higher chance that your drywall took in a lot of water. Dealing with this mess is a lot of work; you might have some parts that need a replacement or cut out.

However, some people choose to patch the affected drywall areas to save money and time.

Call a professional restoration company.

The process of renovating your house to normal can be daunting and very lengthy. The repairs from water damages are not easy or simple. If the damages are extensive, you might end up replacing every structural component.

It’s possible for you to do the small repairs, But thorough restoration and proper inspection can be well handled by a professional. To deal with water damages, contact the best restoration company.

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“These guys were great! They worked so hard and fast and cleared absolutely everything!!”
“These guys were great! They worked so hard and fast and cleared absolutely everything!!”
“These guys were great! They worked so hard and fast and cleared absolutely everything!!”
“These guys were great! They worked so hard and fast and cleared absolutely everything!!”
“These guys were great! They worked so hard and fast and cleared absolutely everything!!”
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